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AI is everywhere.

It’s in your social feed, your traffic app, your email filters and—of course—your virtual assistant.

Its great promise has already been recognized by general medicine, where it’s at work detecting cancer cells, suggesting treatments and identifying trends.
AI Robotic Arm

AI in dentistry isn’t next, it’s now.

Artificial intelligence is already at work in our field, assisting dentists who aim for faster service, greater accuracy, and more efficient office operations.

We’ve designed this series to help today’s practitioners understand how AI works and how it can work for dentists.
AI-powered healthcare will drive productivity and lift economic growth, increasing the number of healthcare jobs by  30% in the United States.
—McKinsey Global Institute
82% of patients want their dentists to use the most advanced technology available.
—Survey of 1000 US consumers
“You can win the day easier and with less brain pain using the data you already have.”
––Roshan Parikh, DDS, President of dntl bar
“Digital transformation is not a question, it’s a given.
Visionary dentists will lead the industry, and those who don’t embrace digital dentistry will be left behind."
—Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny, DDS, Founder of the Institute of Digital Dentistry