Let's delve into the dynamic interplay between artificial intelligence and dentistry. In this episode, we uncover the transformative journey of Dental AI and explore its evolution from a futuristic concept to a present-day game-changer. Join Claire Schifter, ADA NSW CPD Manager, as she navigates through the shifts in perception and understanding, discussing the controversies surrounding AI's integration in healthcare and its profound implications for the dental profession with Dr Kyle Stanley, Chief Clinical Officer for Pearl, a company that builds AI tools for the dental profession, and Makenzie Harris, Director of Gamma Tech, Pearl's Australian distributor.

Get ready to unravel the advancements that not only enhance diagnostic precision and patient care but also challenge the age-old norms of trust-building in the dentist's chair.

Interviewer(s): Claire Schifter
Interviewee(s): Dr Kyle Stanley, Makenzie Harris
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