Ophir Tanz is the Founder and CEO of Pearl, a software suite that uses artificial intelligence to grow and improve your practice. He is the former Founder and CEO of GumGum, a leading global computer vision company that grew to hundreds of millions in revenue. Before launching GumGum, he was the CEO of Mojungle.com and Co-Founder of Fluidesign, an interactive branding and marketing agency.

Ophir is also a master woodworker with aspirations to make time for this passion in between co-founding innovative companies. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University.

In this episode…

Artificial intelligence and computer vision have many benefits in today's world, helping people, companies, and governments make better decisions. In the dentistry and orthodontic fields, they help practitioners provide better treatment to their patients. But, what are these technologies?

Computer vision is about teaching machines to see in much the same way that humans do. This often involves feeding large sets of highly curated training data to machine learning algorithms so that they can learn the patterns and recognize what's happening in any given form of imagery or video.

Craig Weiss and Blair Feldman, co-hosts of the In Your Face Podcast, are joined by Ophir Tanz, the Founder and CEO of Pearl, to talk about how artificial intelligence and computer vision can help dental and orthodontic practices. Ophir also explains what computer vision means, the application of artificial intelligence in dentistry and labs, and the practices that can adopt Pearl’s strategies.

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