There are no limits to how Artificial Intelligence can have a positive impact on the world, and the dental industry is about to learn that first-hand. The aptly named Pearl, led by Ophir Tanz, Founder & CEO and Kyle Stanley, Chief Clinical Officer, is changing the way that dentists diagnose and treat patients. Thanks to Pearl, every dentist in the world will one day have AI technology double-checking their work and making sure patients get the best care possible.

In this week’s edition of the Silicon Valley Momentum Podcast, Roland Siebelink spoke with Ophir and Kyle. They discuss Pearl’s lofty goals to forever change dentistry for the better and the unique startup journey Ophir and Kyle have taken with Pearl:

How Pearl’s AI technology helps solve the problem of inconsistency in the dental profession.

How they plan to seamlessly embed Pearl in the workflow of every dental practice.

Why the time is right for Pearl to become a pioneer in an emerging market.

Why Pearl has made its biggest investment in solving problems rather than making sales.

Why a willingness to learn is essential for all entrepreneurs, especially first-time startup founders.