Pearl was founded on the notion that artificial intelligence can be the dental practitioner’s always-on assistant and the patient’s most trustworthy friend. Its founders have a uniquely personal connection to the dental industry’s intricacies, as well as the knowledge and education to actualize the full and practicable potential that AI has to offer.

Both Ophir and Dr. Stanley grew up with dentist fathers, so concern for oral care has been ingrained in their hearts since childhood. Ophir and Cambron joined forces at digital media company, GumGum, which Ophir founded in 2008, where they spent 10 years applying AI technology to deliver solutions for digital advertising and sports sponsorship. Dr. Stanley, who became a dentist like his father, joined forces with Ophir and Cambron Carter in 2015. Together they set their sights on the next great AI revolution: healthcare. Pearl is the product of their efforts.

Collectively, their vision and experience make them the ideal founders, practitioners and futurists to bring Pearl’s services—delivering better bites, trillions of bytes at a time—to an office near you.

About our guests:

Ophir Tanz (CEO of Pearl)

Prior to founding Pearl, Ophir was the founder and CEO of GumGum, an applied computer vision company focused on the media category. Prior to this, Ophir was CEO and co-founder of, a mobile-media sharing platform that was sold to in 2007. Before this, Ophir co-founded and sold Fluidesign, an interactive and branding agency. He holds a BS and MS from Carnegie Mellon University.

Dr. Kyle Stanley (Chief Clinical Officer of Pearl)

Named as "The Next Generation of Cosmetic Dentistry" by the AACD in 2015 and "Top 10 Young Educators in Dentistry" by the Seattle Study Club, graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC and then completed a dental implant residency along with a dental implant specialty in Brazil. While at USC, Dr. Stanley completed an Esthetic mini-residency with a world leader, Dr. Pascal Magne, and was honored with the Charles L. Pincus Award for outstanding achievements in esthetic dentistry by the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. He is also a dedicated researcher who has published in some of the top international dental journals about topics relating to esthetics, dental implants, and smile design. Dr. Stanley is a KOL for many well-respected companies and has presented on five continents as a highly in-demand speaker. With his company Pearl, he is changing the way patients are treated through artificial intelligence and is a leader in this field. Dr. Stanley is the leading advocate of mental health in dentistry. He maintains an exclusive private practice in Beverly Hills, CA.

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