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Basic Functions

Basic Functions

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of Practice Intelligence, let's cover the basics.

Launching Practice Intelligence®

Practice Intelligence® is a web-based application, so first you'll need to launch your web browser and navigate to the Practice Intelligence® web app at >>

You'll then need to login with the username and password provided by your Pearl account manager.

After you log in, you'll see the Schedule––one four utilities in the Practice Intelligence toolbox:


The Schedule displays your practice's daily schedule as reflected in your PMS––but with the added layer of AI insight, allowing you to quickly identify potential treatment needs among patients prior to their visit.

Reaping the rewards of AI-assisted dentistry on a day-to-day basis is accomplished using the Schedule. To learn more about the schedule, check out "Schedule: Introduction"

Patient Details

The Patient Details utility lets you see all of the patients in your practice through the AI's lens––allowing you to view, sort and filter them based on potential treatment needs detected by the AI, pathologies identified in radiographs and an array of other criteria.

Choose a patient to pull up their radiographic history and drill down on the AI's detections using the radiograph viewer, where you can validate the AI's findings, quickly review disease progression over time and much more. To learn more about Patient Details, check out "Patient Details: Overview"

Patient Dashboard

The Patient Dashboard is your window into the health of your patient population and the clinical performance of your practice.

The clinical intelligence modules displayed in the Patient Dashboard – grouped into three categories: "Opportunities", "Performance", and "Patient Populations" each contain a chart or graph representing high-level insights that your team can apply to optimize clinical the impact and benefits of the your practice team's care. To learn more about the Patient Dashboard, check out "Patient Dashboard: Overview"

Call Sheets

Call Sheets offers you a simple tool for creating lists of patients with AI-detected and planned-but-unschedule treatment need, enabling you to conduct intelligent recall that targets patients who most require your care.

To learn more about Call Sheets, check out "Call Sheets: Overview"

Now that you have a general understanding of Practice Intelligence's four core utilities, let take a look at how you can start putting them to use with a beginner's tutorial on surfacing treatment need using the Patient Dashboard's Opportunties funnels >>