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Driving Intelligent Patient Recall

Identifying patients with unmet treatment needs is the catalyst for superior clinical and financial outcomes, but achieving those outcomes requires performing the necessary treatment. To do that, you need to get those patients in the chair.

That’s why we created the Call Sheet feature. The Call Sheet allows you to prioritize your patient recall efforts around patients with the most potential treatment need.

Practice Intelligence is always aware of the current status of planned and unscheduled treatment by patient, as well as each patient’s appointment cadence and recall schedule. By integrating that information with Practice Intelligence's AI treatment opportunity predictions, the Call Sheet furnishes you with patient recall lists pre-sorted by production potential.

Using these lists to guide patient recall, your front office team members can ensure that your doctors are able to capture as much opportunity as possible, as quickly as possible.

The Call Sheet includes five different recall list configurations

To see one of these tailored recall lists, simply click on your desired configuration in the Call Sheet. This brings up a list in the Patient Details interface populated with patients who meet your selected recall criteria. The list is sorted by the value ascribed to each patient’s treatment need.

Since the highest value treatment candidates are listed first, when conducting outreach, start by contacting the patients at the top first, then make your way down the list.

To facilitate outreach, you click on the patient profile icon next to the patient's name in the list to quickly view a patient’s contact information––or you can download the full recall list by clicking “Generate Report” and then pull each patient’s contact information from your PMS.

While every recall list in the Call Sheet is useful, we recommend prioritizing “Recall Due + AI Predicted Opportunities”. This will provide you with the greatest potential boost in production, because it targets patients who may have dental issues that weren’t caught during their last visit. Since these patients are due for an exam anyway, there’s no need to mention the AI-detected issues when you call to schedule their appointment. Just get them booked then make a note in PMS so that the doctor knows to keep an eye out for the AI-detected condition when the patient is in the chair.  

We’ve found that if you focus your recall on the high-priority patient lists in the Call Sheet, you’ll see a marked increased clinical and financial performance within the first month. That’s it! You now know how easy it is to apply Practice Intelligence to maximize the quality and volume of care that your office is able to provide.

Just to make it even easier, we put together a couple of simple diagrams illustrating the Practice Intelligence workow for boosting your same-day and future dentistry. Take a look >>>