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Optimizing Patient Visits

Everyone on the team can use Practice Intelligence to maximize the clinical and financial value of each appointment by ensuring that every potential treatment opportunity is addressed.

Using the Schedule feature to prepare for patient visits, you can identify unscheduled and predicted treatment opportunities among the patients coming into the office each day. We’ve found that teams who use the Schedule to communicate internally and align resources around case acceptance and successful treatment drive considerably more same-day dentistry. And using the schedule is easy.

Once you click the calendar icon in the left-side navigation bar, you’ll see a calendar interface with patient appointments listed in columns by doctor.

You’ll notice that each appointment is color-coded.

Each color tells you something different

You’ll want to focus on the dark blue appointments because those patients have AI-detected dental conditions in their X-rays and are, therefore, potential candidates for treatment.

Clicking on an appointment will open a window with relevant patient information, including past radiographs, AI-detected conditions, and a list of predicted treatment opportunities.

Once you’re familiar with the day’s potential treatment opportunities, your team’s goal is to facilitate treatment acceptance or same-day treatment when the patient is in the chair. Communication is key here. Getting the most out of Practice Intelligence on a day-to-day basis, requires everyone on the team to know what treatment opportunities may exist among the patients visiting each day.

Optimal workflows differ between practices but here are a few best practices that we recommend for facilitating communication the opportunities that Practice Intelligence is surfacing:

Morning Huddle:

Pull up the Schedule and review opportunities and AI detections in your morning huddle. Upon agreement with the AI detections, everyone on the team will be ready to support the treatment planning effort once the patient is in the chair.

Treatment Opportunity Printout:

The Schedule includes a “Download Schedule” button in the upper right-hand corner, where you can download a printable daily treatment opportunity schedule for each doctor. This handy printout includes information on treatments the patient will be receiving today, future treatments planned in PMS, and any Practice Intelligence predicted treatments. The doctor and other team members can keep this in their pocket -- or copies can be kept in each operatory -- so potential opportunities can be quickly reviewed prior to seeing a patient.


A treatment notes – using a routing slip, entered in the PMS, or even on post-it affixed to the instrument tray – are tried-and-true means of communicating treatment opportunities to the doctor. Since doctors are likely to quickly review the patient’s file prior to the visit, a reminder note to look for a Practice Intelligence predicted treatment can help ensure that the opportunity isn’t missed.

Using one of these strategies – or another variant that suits your practice’s workow – will make it easier for everyone on your team to help get patients to schedule treatment before they leave or, better yet, accept same-day treatment while they’re in the chair.

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