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Uncover Every Treatment Opportunity

Uncovering Treatment Opportunities

Your path to increased production, same-day dentistry and growth is paved with Pearl's AI detections.

It's a path that starts with the Opportunities modules on the Patient Dashboard, which offer a bird’s eye view of all the clinical and financial opportunity that exists within your practice. You can use them to identify patients in your practice who may need treatment and to track the volume and value of potential treatment opportunity across your entire patient population.

Each module offers various data points to help you understand the total predicted treatment opportunity that exist in your practice at the moment.

Once you understand the volume of potential treatment -- and the value it represents to your practice -- you can begin capturing available treatment opportunities.

Simply click on the “View Now” button and you’ll jump to the Patient Details view.

There, you’ll see the list of treatment candidates represented in the module data. You can use that list to guide patient recall, target marketing campaigns, or proactively validate predicted opportunities on a patient-by-patient basis.

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