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Dashboard: Overview

Dashboard: Overview

The Patient Dashboard is your window into the health of your patient population and the clinical performance of your practice.

The Dashboard presents high-level, group and practice-wide insights gleaned from our AI's analysis of your patients' radiographs and the patient data stored in your practice management system, which you can can apply to optimize your clinical operations and maximize the benefits of your dentistry.

The insights are presented in a variety of modules, each featuring a chart or graph that allows you to easily understand, track and apply the AI's findings across your practice's scheduling, recall, marketing, resourcing, staffing and, of course, patient care workflows.

The Dashboard's clinical intelligence modules are organized into three categories:


Potential treatment opportunities identified within your office or group's patient pool.  


Office- or group-wide treatment planning and completion performance


Oral health trends and characteristics across all patients in an office or group.

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You can hone the clinical insights reflected in the modules or identify specific patients and offices associated with those insights directly from the Patient Dashboard. The breakout diagram below outlines the basic functions of the Dashboard interface:

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