Sidexis 4

As a Sidexis 4 user, you will need to configure Sidexis 4 for Second Opinion® compatibility. Follow these instructions to complete configuration:

1. Open your Sidexis 4 application, then access the 'Options' menu by clicking the gear icon in the toolbar on the upper right.

Open options by clicking on the gear icon.

2. From the options screen, navigate to 'General Settings', and select 'Communication Partners".

Select 'Communication Partners' from the 'General Settings' pane.

3. In the 'Name' field, enter the file name you would like to assign to the export file which Second Opinion will access (e.g Second_Opinion).

Name the export file.

4. Click the folder icon next to the 'Mailbox file (SLIDA) field to define the location where your Second Opinion accessible export file will be saved (e.g. Desktop).

Define where the export file will be saved.

5. Enable the following options:

-Patient database
-Image exchange
-Receives copies of new exposures automatically
-Integrate patient name in image name

Select the highlighted options.

6. Scroll down to 'SLIDA 3D' section and for 'Output format' select ".dcm".

Set the Output format as ".dcm".

7. Scroll back up to the 'Mailbox file (SLIDA)' field and copy the entire file path text.

8. Return to the Second Opinion setup wizard and paste this text in the "Path to Image" field, as described in Step 2.