Second Opinion®- User Manual

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Brief Device Description

Second Opinion® is a computer-aided detection (CADe)software device intended to assist dental healthcare professionals read intraoral radiographs. A proprietary software application, it has been designed to process intraoral radiographs and automatically locate presumptive evidence of five pathologic and five non-pathologic features which may present therein.


Second Opinion® consists of three components:

● In-office application or Client User Interface (“Client”)

● Application Programing Interface (“API”)

● Computer Vision Models (“CV Model”, “CV Models”)


The Client resides in the clinician’s office. The API and CV Models reside in a cloud computing platform hosted by Amazon Web Services Inc. (“AWS”), where radiograph processing takes place.

Results are displayed on a computer monitor in the clinician’s office for review by a dental practitioner. The user is instructed to first evaluate each radiograph in the conventional visual manner and then re-examine the radiograph utilizing Second Opinion® prior to making a final diagnosis.