Second Opinion®- User Manual

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How to Use the Slider

The Confidence Slider (found at the top of the Conditions index pane of the Detection screen) allows users to limit which detections are displayed based on the system’s confidence in the detections’ accuracy. By moving the slider from left to right (low to high, sensitive to specific), users can hide low and medium-confidence detections from display in both the radiograph display pane and the Conditions index. Low-and medium-confidence detections are less likely to be accurate because less specificity of discernment was required to spot them (see section 5.2.9). The slider allows users to display detections based on the following confidence thresholds:  


●     High/More Specific: Only the high confidence detections will be displayed.

●     Med+: Both high and medium confidence detections will be displayed.

●     Low+/More Sensitive: High, medium and low confidence detections will be displayed.


Users should view Second Opinion® detection sat all three confidence threshold settings before taking any detections into consideration.