Second Opinion®- User Manual

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Intended Use

Second Opinion® is a computer aided detection ("CADe”) software device indicated for use by dental health professionals as an aid in the assessment of bitewing and periapical radiographs of permanent teeth inpatients 12 years of age or older. SecondOpinion® employs computer vision technology, developed using machine learning techniques, to detect and draw attention to regions on bitewing and periapical radiographs where one of the following ten pathologic and nonpathologic dental features may appear:


1.    Caries

2.    Discrepancy at the margin of an existing restoration

3.    Calculus

4.    Widened periodontal ligament

5.    Periapical radiolucency

6.    Crown (metal, including zirconia & non-metal)

7.    Filling (metal & non-metal)

8.    Root canal

9.    Bridge

10. Implants

For Prescription Use only.

Second Opinion®’s computer-generated detections are not diagnostically valid and may not supersede a clinician’s independent radiographic assessment.