Second Opinion®- User Manual

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Selective Display of Potential Pathologic & Non-Pathologic Detections

Located below the confidence slider is the list of detection types, which are separated into the groups: "pathology" and "non-pathology". Each item in the list, including those two group types, has a radio selector button. By clicking the button next to either "pathology" or "non-pathology", users can show or hide detected features from appearing in the radiograph display window based on their pathologic or non-pathologic classification. When the "pathology" and "non-pathology" buttons are deselected, detected features within the relevant category are also automatically deselected in the detections list. When the selector appear as a blue box with a a white checkmark, it is selected. When it is deselected, the box and check mark will be light gray as will the text identifying the detection type.

Detection list with non-pathologic features deselected.