Second Opinion®- User Manual

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Typical Image Display

The Detection screen will open when a chart has been selected. The first radiograph in the chart will appear in the large radiograph display pane of the Detection screen.

Radiographs in the radiograph display pane will be scaled to fit within the pane,

Below the radiograph display pane is the image selector pane, displaying a thumbnail filmstrip of all radiographs contained in the chart.  

To the right of the radiograph display pane, theConditions  index presents a list of all potential pathologic and non-pathologic features that Second Opinion® has detected.

Within the radiograph display pane, annotated bounding boxes are overlaid on the original radiograph to indicate regions where detected features appear. To highlight the region where a feature has been detected, the user can hover the cursor over the bounding box. Users can also highlight a region containing a detected feature by hovering the cursor over the corresponding feature in the Conditions index.

The Radiograph Detection Display screen

Users can limit which detected features are displayed and listed using the sensitivity/specificity slider and the pathology/non-pathology toggles above the Conditions index. These functionalities will be further explained in sections 5.2.10 and 5.2.11 of thisUser Manual.

To quickly access and load a different chart, users can use their mouse to select the Menu button, a circular icon containing three horizontal lines at the top-left of the radiograph display pane.

A vertical toolbar along the upper right side of the radiograph display pane includes five tools for manipulating the appearance of the radiograph in the radiograph display pane. Listed from top to bottom as they appear in the toolbar, these tools and their corresponding icons are:




Invert colors


To access one of these tools, simply use the mouse to click on its icon using the mouse.

Section 5.2.12 of this User Manual explains these image adjustment functionalities in greater detail.