Setup Guide
Using the Slider

Using the Slider

The slider allows you to adjust how the AI makes detections.

Using the slider tool on the upper right of the radiograph viewer window, you can adjust which detections are displayed based on AI's confidence in their accuracy (specificity vs. sensitivity). The slider has three settings: Low, Med, and High.

At the 'Low' setting, the AI operates at its most sensitive.

It detect more features but it is less confident in their accuracy. At this setting, you'll see more detections, but some may be false-positive detections.

The 'Low' setting is good for ensuring that you haven't missed something.

At the 'Med' setting, the AI operates with moderate sensitivity and moderate specificity.

This is the default setting.  

The 'Med' setting is good for displaying detections to patients.

At the 'High' setting, the AI operates with the most specificity.

It will detect fewer features, but it is most confident in their accuracy.

The 'High' setting is a good for assuring validity of your findings.

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