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Viewing Radiographs

Viewing Radiographs

Here's how you use the Second Opinion radiograph viewer.

Selecting a patient chart opens the Second Opinion viewer screen. This screen is divided into three modules -- radiograph listings, radiograph display, and AI detection controls.

Radiograph List

All the radiographs in a patient chart are listed on the left side of the viewer screen. The radiographs are grouped date.

Selecting a date will expand or collapse the image thumbnails associated with that date.

To view a radiograph with AI detections, select the thumbnail of the radiograph from the list.

Radiograph Display

The radiograph will appear in the radiograph display with any AI detections highlighted within bounding boxes.

There is an image adjustment toolbar on the right side of the radiograph display module.

The toolbar allow you to adjust the following:


AI Detections Controls

On the right of the viewer window are the AI detections controls, which allow you to adjust which AI detections are displayed.

To learn how to use the AI detection controls, check out Reading AI Detections, Using the Slider, and Detection Controls.


To recap, here's viewing radiographs overview:

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