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Supercharged diagnostic performance and greater patients' trust included with every subscription to the only chairside pathology detection software that instantly catches even the hardest-to-spot conditions in your patient x-rays.

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After looking at several other dental AI options, my team and I chose Pearl. Our decision came down to performance and utility. Open margins and periapical radiolucencies are easy to miss and its the easy to miss stuff where AI helps us most. The patient age restrictions of other AI systems are also very limiting for a practice like mine. Pearl is the only artificial intelligence option that is practical to use with all of my patients day in and day out.
Dr. Daniel Naysan
When we take x-rays, we’re not just looking for one condition like doctors in other medical fields. A diagnostic aid is only useful if it can help us see everything we need to see. Pearl’s clearance covers every disease we’re looking for, which puts them far ahead of the competition.
Dr. Lou Graham
In the last 15 years, we haven’t seen any profound developments in digital dentistry. Pearl has changed that. We’re going to see a huge pickup where dentists see that if they collaborate with AI, they’re going to become better dentists.
Dr. Victoria Sampson
I demoed every dental AI software available and Pearl was the winner by a huge margin. It’s faster, easier to use, and detects more. It is the only AI actually does what we’ve been told that artificial intelligence will do for dentistry.
Dr. Shervin Molayem

What's included in your free trial

Real-time AI disease detection

Real-time AI disease detection

Your free trial includes full-access to Second Opinion® for real-time pathology detection and chairside patient communication.
*AI detection for past patient imagery is available with a one-time historical AI processing fee.
Integration support

Integration support

If you have trouble setting up Second Opinion® yourself, we'll lend a hand with person-to-person integration support.

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Try Second Opinion® free for 30 days. Cancel at no charge anytime before your 30-day trial ends*.
*All terms and conditions for standard Second Opinion subscriptions apply. A credit card is required to activate free trial and will be charged $249/month for subscription beyond the 30-day free trial period.
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