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Supercharged clinical performance and greater patients trust included with every subscription to the only chairside pathology detection software that instantly catches even the hardest-to-spot conditions in your patient x-rays.

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Experience the power of AI in your practice with a no-obligation 30-day free trial.
Second Opinion has been extremely easy to implement and simple to use. My entire team readily jumped on board and hasn't stopped since we implemented it in our practice 2 weeks ago. It has already identified decay that would have easily been missed had I been solely looking at it in my standard radiographic program. It's nice to have that peace of mind that nothing will go unnoticed! Patients also find it impressive that we are going above and beyond to ensure their oral health. Highly recommend it to all oral healthcare practices!
Dr. Kellen Smith
Dentulu’s mission to provide transparent, innovative, and comprehensive care to our patients aligns with Pearl’s ongoing advancements and contributions within the dental industry, and we are proud to offer this technology to the thousands of patients and providers that utilize our platform across the nation
Dr. Arash Hakhamian
Pearl has been a very big asset to our practice. I think it would be to anyone's.
Dr. Randy Machen
This patient came to me for a second opinion because he said he was told he had cavities on all these different silver fillings. And when I took a look at it, I said, "Look, the margins are not fantastic, but I don't see any recurrent decay." With Pearl, it's nice to see the same, because this would diagnose carries if it sees it. And what it's seeing is notable margin, notable margin, notable margin. So as we go through, it's nice that based on AI and tons of validation, that this is not considered recurrent decay, just notable margins"
Dr. Matt Nejad

What's included in your free trial

Real-time AI disease detection

Real-time AI disease detection

Your free trial includes full-access to Second Opinion® for real-time pathology detection and chairside patient communication.
*AI detection for past patient imagery is available with a one-time historical AI processing fee.
Integration support

Integration support

If you have trouble setting up Second Opinion® yourself, we'll lend a hand with person-to-person integration support.

1 month free

Try Second Opinion® free for 30 days. Cancel at no charge anytime before your 30-day trial ends*.
*All terms and conditions for standard Second Opinion subscriptions apply. A credit card is required to activate free trial and will be charged $249/month for subscription beyond the 30-day free trial period.
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