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Supercharged clinical performance and greater patient trust included with every subscription to the only chairside pathology detection software that instantly catches even the hardest-to-spot conditions in your patient x-rays.

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Experience the power of AI in your practice with a no-obligation 30-day free trial.
The future of dentistry has advanced because of Pearl. Not only is the dentist equipped to give better diagnosis and deliver better healthcare to the patient, but now the front office can identify a patient's needs because they come in so that, when they come in, we are more organized and more prepared to treat them.
Dr. Daniel Naysan
Pearl has been in place in my office for less than a month. The installation was quick and immediate and fully functional. The Pearl interface is simple and very intuitive. The time needed for images to be evaluated by the AI is very speedy and I can easily utilize Pearl for emergency and limited exams. Pearl has paid for itself every day I have used it, the support is excellent and very responsive. This is a game changer and an incredible supplement to my decades of clinical experience.
Dr. Lawrence Brent
As a third-generation dentist with over 25 years of experience, I have always strived to provide the best dental care for my patients. That's why I chose Pearl AI as my trusted partner in dental radiology. Pearl AI's advanced artificial intelligence solutions help me detect and diagnose various dental conditions with accuracy and consistency. Pearl AI is like a second set of eyes that enhances my clinical judgment and improves patient outcomes. I highly recommend Pearl AI to any dentist who wants to stay ahead of the curve and delivery exceptional dental care.
Dr. Joseph G. Campi
Pearl has been everything that was promised. Especially helpful for those interproximals that I would go back and forth should I or shouldn’t I. It’s been very accurate. Glad I got the software!
Dr. Samuel Cramer

What's included in your free trial

Real-time AI disease detection

Real-time AI disease detection

Your free trial includes full-access to Second Opinion® for real-time pathology detection and chairside patient communication.
*AI detection for past patient imagery is available with a one-time historical AI processing fee.
Integration support

Integration support

If you have trouble setting up Second Opinion® yourself, we'll lend a hand with person-to-person integration support.

1 month free

Try Second Opinion® free for 30 days. Cancel at no charge anytime before your 30-day trial ends*.
*All terms and conditions for standard Second Opinion subscriptions apply. A credit card is required to activate free trial and will be charged $299/month for subscription beyond the 30-day free trial period.
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