Instructions for Bridge Install

Use this installer to simplify access to Pearl products.
Running the installer on your workstations will:

  • Provide desktop shortcuts to Second Opinion (& optionally Practice Intelligence)
  • Install a tray application which can be clicked or utilize a hotkey to open Pearl products.
  • Provide automatic deep linking to the patient for offices utilizing Eaglesoft, Eaglesoft Advanced Imaging, OpenDental, or Dentrix.
  • Allow for custom buttons added to some PMS systems to facilitate deep linking to the patient.

Opening Pearl via Tray Application

  1. Open Second Opinion by pressing both the ‘ALT’ key and the ‘A’ key at the same time.
  2. Right click on the tray application to see shortcuts to Second Opinion, Practice Intelligence, and depending on your PMS and its current screen directly to the patient within Second Opinion.

Configure your PMS to pass a patient identifier to the application similar to bridges with which you may be familiar.

  • See later in this document for instructions pertaining to Open Dental and Eaglesoft
  • Other PMS & Imaging system connections may be configured by using the bridge format: “C:\ProgramData\Pearl\PearlBridge\PearlBridge.exe –PatNum” (where PatNum is the numerical patient identifier)

How to Install the Pearl Tray Application

  1. Double click the installer to run.
  2. If you are not currently a PI subscriber you may unclick the checkbox for “Install PI Shortcuts.
  3. Select a location for installation and notate the location for later use.  Recommendation: Do not change the install location from its default location of C:\ProgramData\Pearl\PearlBridge\

  1. Click ‘Next’ to complete the installation.
  2. At this point you will have shortcuts on your desktop to your Pearl products as well as a tray app that will run automatically when the computer starts.