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What dentists are saying about Pearl
"All the way through my workflow, it's making things easier, more simple, more efficient, and is keeping my mind assured and also reassuring my patients."
In the last 15 years, we haven’t seen any profound developments in digital dentistry. Pearl has changed that. We’re going to see a huge pickup where dentists see that if they collaborate with AI, they’re going to become better dentists.
Dr. Victoria Sampson
38 Devonshire Dental
I demoed every dental AI software available and Pearl was the winner by a huge margin. It’s faster, easier to use, and detects more. It is the only AI actually does what we’ve been told that artificial intelligence will do for dentistry.
Dr. Shervin Molayem
Periodontist & Implant Surgeon
Pair Dental
Pearl is the gold standard of dental AI products.
Steven Kizy
VP of Strategic Development
Henry Schein
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Pearl is committed to customer success and it shows
It provides direct feedback on your own evaluation. It also helps with discussions between colleagues. "What do we treat? What don't we treat?" And it helps convince patients when treatment is really needed.
Dr. Peter Koelewijn
South East Dental
Every patient during exam and treatment planning has said "Wow!". I think it's just an extra layer of validation because humans may lie but computers don't.
I really like using Second Opinion, I can look though all my hygiene exams much quicker. It saves me a lot of time.
Dr. Glenda Santa Maria
Bayhill Dental Care
You have artificial intelligence telling you where it is that you can find decay, where it is that you have calculus, where it is that you see bone loss. You know, not that this is what we have to follow, but it is a second opinion over your shoulder telling you and also communicating to your patient to really figure out whether there's something you've missed or not.
Radiography is a screening tool in dentistry. In most cases, we aren’t looking for a specific condition. That’s why we’re prone to miss things. It’s also why a diagnostic aid that detects just one thing is not very helpful. Computerized caries detection was introduced two decades ago. It never took off because what we need help with is seeing everything. That’s what Pearl’s AI helps us do. That’s what makes it special and why it’s the only useful AI tool currently available.
Those of you reading this are witnessing a tipping point in healthcare. Since I first had a chance to view A.I. aiding in radiographic interpretation, I've felt that the profession could benefit greatly from having a "virtual second opinion". Now that benefit has arrived.
I've been using Pearl AI for a few months now and it is an incredibly clever piece of technology, working seamlessly with your existing x-ray software.
Dr. Nilesh Parmar
Parmar Dental
Pearl is poised to fundamentally change how dental diagnosis is done. I'm such a fan.
Pearl’s AI ensures a more standardized clinical experience for our patients.
Dr. Roshan Parikh
dntl bar
Our commitment to providing patients with affordable and accessible care includes an equal commitment to delivering care of the highest caliber. In partnering with Pearl, we’re putting the most innovative and effective diagnostic aid and patient communication technology available into our clinicians’ hands to help them deliver on that mission with every patient we serve.
We are diagnosing more and patients love seeing the graphics and % into dentin. It's a good tool for explaining to patients.
We are loving Second Opinion. We use it on every patient that we take x-rays on. The patients are loving the technology as well. Thank you!
Pearl helped me figure that out and diagnose better. I love it and use it every day.
It's very useful to actually be able to show the patients and very good for patient education as far as preventative density is concerned. I would urge anybody to give it a try!
After looking at several other dental AI options, my team and I chose Pearl. Our decision came down to performance and utility. Open margins and periapical radiolucencies are easy to miss and its the easy to miss stuff where AI helps us most. The patient age restrictions of other AI systems are also very limiting for a practice like mine. Pearl is the only artificial intelligence option that is practical to use with all of my patients day in and day out.
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Pearl’s software is disrupting the dental industry.
I find Pearl so helpful and use-friendly in my day-to-day tasks. It has made my job so much easier! Yesterday, the hygienist pointed out a tooth to the doctor that needed treatment. The patient was able to get an appointment for today and they completed RCT!
Another tool in our belt. AI technology to assist out patients. Often we try to convey what we see on the X-rays and do our best to show our patients what they are seeing. However, not all of our patients are trained in looking at an X-ray. This AI technology helps in that department. It can note decay (cavity), periapical abscess, fillings, depth measurements, periodontal pockets, etc. Is it 100% accurate? Of course not. It is meant to be used as a guideline. For PPO offices, now you can summit this info to the insurance to rival their own AI technology unit.
Dr. David Yang DMD FICOI
True North Dentistry
When it comes to diagnosis, dentists need to accurately detect much more than caries in adult patients––and Pearl’s Second Opinion is the only solution with the necessary FDA clearance to aid in detection of conditions beyond caries in adolescent and teenage patients as well as adults.
We are using PI and SO and are enjoying it. We have found that it makes SRP's easier to diagnose and explain to patients to use. It is fast and we are enjoying using it.
Dental health standing on the shoulders of technology!
Alfred Farrington II
Pearl predicted incipient decay on my grandson that our doctor had missed. It made my day to know that we have this software to assist the doctor and ensure the quality of our dentistry.
I love Pearl! It is so easy to use and makes my day go so smoothly when we use it! I manage other offices and really want to get it in them as well.
I really love Pearl to do a chart audit and night-before schedule check. I use PI at the end of the day to see if predicted patients got diagnosed and, if so, whether PMS reflects it, and did patients leave with a treatment appointment.
Today was one of the most exciting days I’ve had in my 16 years career. It was the first day we integrated Pearl’s artificial intelligence for disease detection. It’s going to really change dentistry and how we’re going to be treating patients.
We are short-staffed here, so Pearl is such a great tool for us, especially now. This makes it so much easier for us to "perfect" our day!
We can never get all dentists to the 50-yard line in terms of diagnoses and care, but Pearl will help us get diagnoses between the 40-yard lines.
Dr. Roshan Parikh
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When we take x-rays, we’re not just looking for one condition like doctors in other medical fields. A diagnostic aid is only useful if it can help us see everything we need to see. Pearl’s clearance covers every disease we’re looking for, which puts them far ahead of the competition.
One of the things I love about Pearl is it helps me be a better diagnostician. Even though it's a second opinion, it's a very valuable second opinion.
Pearl has been a very big asset to our practice. I think it would be to anyone's.
The best dental technologies empower providers to better diagnose treatments and create a patient experience that increases treatment acceptance. Pearl's AI does exactly those things.
What drew us to Pearl’s solutions were the company’s reliability, the breadth of its pathology detection capabilities and the range of tools it offers to efficiently maximize production and clinical excellence within a practice.
As our DSO grows to include over 40 practices nationwide in the coming month, our collaboration with Pearl will help ensure that our practices are equipped for AI-powered operational efficiency and growth––and that every visiting patient is treated with the highest standard of care.
There is a pandemic of teeth decay amongst 12-18 year olds. Pearl’s clearance in this age group will make an immense impact on getting these kids started with good oral health as they enter adulthood.
Amol Nirgudkar
Patient Prism
This is an awesome product that has really made a difference in our office and the way we approach detecting decay, abscess, faulty margins, and calculus. This product aids in making our job easier.
Dentulu’s mission to provide transparent, innovative, and comprehensive care to our patients aligns with Pearl’s ongoing advancements and contributions within the dental industry, and we are proud to offer this technology to the thousands of patients and providers that utilize our platform across the nation
Dr. Arash Hakhamian
Second Opinion has been extremely easy to implement and simple to use. My entire team readily jumped on board and hasn't stopped since we implemented it in our practice 2 weeks ago. It has already identified decay that would have easily been missed had I been solely looking at it in my standard radiographic program. It's nice to have that peace of mind that nothing will go unnoticed! Patients also find it impressive that we are going above and beyond to ensure their oral health. Highly recommend it to all oral healthcare practices!
Pearl has been a fantastic addition to our practice! The Second Opinion feature has shown me a few areas that I didn't pick up with the naked eye and is great for drawing attention and explaining to the Patient. The Practice Intelligence feature is also wonderful and helps with our morning huddles as we find opportunities to discuss treatment with our patients.
Pearl has helped me to be more effective with my treatment planning. It’s also really helped communication with my patients and helped me to have a more accurate diagnosis.
Pearl has been everything that was promised. Especially helpful for those interproximals that I would go back and forth should I or shouldn’t I. It’s been very accurate. Glad I got the software!
I’ve worked with Pearl’s (Second Opinion) AI technology in a dental office. I fell in love with it.
As a third-generation dentist with over 25 years of experience, I have always strived to provide the best dental care for my patients. That's why I chose Pearl AI as my trusted partner in dental radiology. Pearl AI's advanced artificial intelligence solutions help me detect and diagnose various dental conditions with accuracy and consistency. Pearl AI is like a second set of eyes that enhances my clinical judgment and improves patient outcomes. I highly recommend Pearl AI to any dentist who wants to stay ahead of the curve and delivery exceptional dental care.
Dr. Joseph G. Campi
Campi Dental
Amazing software; it has paid for itself over and over again. Our job as dentists is to diagnose and treat, but sometimes the human eye alone cannot draw that fine line whether a tooth is carious or not. The human eye can only detect about 50 shades of gray while AI and computers can detect 400+. With the aid of Second Opinion and visuals to show the patient, it makes it clear for both the dentist (and staff) and the patient. I'd highly recommend the software to any dentist out there. Plus patients really get a "wow" factor and it makes life easier. I've demoed multiple AI software and this hands down takes the cake. Great job, Pearl AI!
I love what Pearl brings to the table!!
FYI...We are loving the Pearl AI Software!
In a world that’s technologically driven. If you’re not taking steps forward you’re definitely being left behind. Pearl AI is an absolute game changer with endless possibilities. Easy to learn and even easier to incorporate into daily practice. It allows you to have an informative and visual discussion with your patients. Patient engagement has vastly increased. Glad to be in the vanguard of this new wave in Dentistry.
Pearl has been in place in my office for less than a month. The installation was quick and immediate and fully functional. The Pearl interface is simple and very intuitive. The time needed for images to be evaluated by the AI is very speedy and I can easily utilize Pearl for emergency and limited exams. Pearl has paid for itself every day I have used it, the support is excellent and very responsive. This is a game changer and an incredible supplement to my decades of clinical experience.
Dr. Lawrence Brent
Brent Dental Arts
I'm really excited to be using Pearl AI. It has totally enhanced my diagnostics as well as my treatment planning. Patients are very appreciative that I am able to share this technology with them. It allows me to point out, much more precisely, where treatment needs to happen and why. Pearl also quickly alerts me on problems that are starting before I see my patient for an exam. Pearl is great to send in with insurance claims to help better communicate treatment needs.
It has been a wonderful tool for our team and patients!
Pearl AI has been a great addition to our practice as a tool for patient education and to convey diagnoses! Patients are very receptive to the intuitive and aesthetically pleasing visuals. It has helped us raise the standard of care that we offer!
This AI solution by Pearl is a great addition for our practice, it allows us to have consistent diagnoses throughout the day and an amazing tool to educate and communicate with our patients. Using Artificial Intelligence in dentistry has raised the standard of care we offer, we owe that to our patients
Dr. Shady Samir
Perfect Smiles
It's exciting for me to use Pearl's Second Opinion AI software. Artificial Intelligence will be a game changer in treating and communicating with our patients. It's one of my greatest investments.
Dr. Ahmed Motawie
UpTown Dental
Diagnostic inconsistency is one of the major problems in our profession and most of the time we only look at the chief complaint of the patient. Second Opinion highlights more areas of interest that requires attention and follow-up. It allows us to take better care of our patients. One of the greatest things about Second Opinion is the tooth parts segmentation, it makes it very easy for us to communicate and educate our patients.