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Our products were built with the dental professional in mind and the patient at heart. Using the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and over 10 years of expertise in computer vision, Pearl aims to usher in a new wave of AI-powered dentistry tools that build trust with patients, reduce liability for dentists, improve clinical and financial outcomes for practices, deliver efficiencies, cost savings and security for insurance carriers, and increase the precision and speed of restorative laboratory restoration processes.

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Practices & DSOs

Put a second set of eyes on every radiograph, validating radiologic findings and leaving more time for patient interactions. Gain actionable insights into performance and patient populations across dentists & offices.


Optimize your restoration workflow to lower costs and expedite error-free restoration turnaround with real-time prep quality feedback for clinicians and workflow automation for laboratories.


Extend the reach of your claims examiners and the impact & efficiency of your UM efforts with patented AI-powered evidence authentication and clinical-need verification for all radiograph-supported claims.

Practices & DSOs

Practice Intelligence

Managing dental practices can be impossible without highly specialized data from which staff can make sound decisions. How many patients do you have with 1-2mm of bone loss? Are your new graduate doctors diagnosing accurate treatments compared to your most seasoned and experienced dentists? Do you have enough patients consulting on their wisdom teeth to bring a specialist in more than once per week? Decisions based on this data can influence everything from hiring and firing to marketing, training, and ROI. Practice Intelligence uses computer vision software to drill down to the office-specific data that matters to drive better oral health outcomes for your patients and better financial outcomes for your practice.

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