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How DSOs are using technology to build patient trust

Patient trust is essential to practice success. How can you build patient trust when your practices are not defined by individual providers but rather by your brand? Technology holds the answer.

Second Opinion
Why this Beverly Hills dentist loves Pearl's AI (it's not just caries detection)

Dr. Daniel Naysan, owner of Bedford Dental Group, explains how he uses Pearl in his practice to help deliver on his mission of providing more beautiful smiles and life changing care to patients.

Practice Intelligence
Cost of Inconsistency: How DSOs Win with AI

Pearl's CEO Ophir Tanz details AI's broad utility in dentistry and outlines how DSOs can apply the technology to elevate patient care and increase practice production.

AI in Dentistry
5 Keys Ways AI Can Elevate Your Clinical Care

Pearl's Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Kyle Stanley, delivers a presentation on AI's role in clinical dental care, followed by a discussion with ADSO President Emmet Scott

AI in Dentistry
How Do Dentists Respond to AI Performance Feedback?

Dr. Roshan Parikh, former Head of Walmart Dental, explains why dentists value performance feedback provided by AI.

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