Second Opinion®

The first real-time dental AI platform that automatically detects numerous conditions in dental x-rays to give dentists a second set of eyes for superior radiologic accuracy.


Broad detection capabilities
Dentists using Second Opinion gain a second set of eyes to help ensure that they've considered many common conditions that appear in their patients' radiographs.

That assurance comes from the system's ability to detect signs of various dental pathologies and other treatable conditions found in dental radiographs–including hard-to-spot issues like incipient caries or the early signs of a periapical radiolucency.
Consistent, real-time results
Machines are able to perform the same task over and over, without getting bored, tired, or distracted. That means that Second Opinion will deliver the same high-quality analysis every time.

And because it analyzes and instantly delivers results whenever a new radiograph is captured, dentists can count on reliable support in real-time to give dentists the benefit of dental AI support when it matters most––while patients are still in the chair.
Elegant, easy-to-use interface
Second Opinion was engineered to make it easier for dentists to read radiographs and communicate findings to patients.

Between its crystal clear high-contrast user interface designed to deliver optimal x-ray viewability and its intuitive image adjustment controls, Second Opinion lets dentists to see exactly what they want, how they want––and effortlessly share their findings in a way that patients can easily understand.

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Standard of care

Establish a higher practice-wide standard of care with smart technology

Clinical consistency

Improve consistency in clinical performance with AI clinical support

Conversion & retention

Boost conversion & patient retention through better patient communication

Oral health outcomes

Elevate oral health outcomes by catching disease earlier and more accurately

Cutting edge care

Foster a reputation as a tech-forward practice applying AI in clinical care

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Does my practice still need to do perio probing when using Second Opinion®?

Yes, while Second Opinion® is displaying bone levels the software does not read probing depths. It is still very important to perform periodontal charting and use these findings in conjunction with the bone level measurements.

Does Second Opinion support CBCT images?

No, Second Opinion® does not currently support CBCT images.

Does Second Opinion® support panoramic images?

Currently panoramic images in Second Opinion® are only supported outside of the US. We are currently working on panoramic image support in the US.

Can I choose which images to attach to the printout in Second Opinion®?

No, Second Opinion® currently allows you to choose either one single image or all images in a series for the PDF printout.

Can I type on the bottom of the printout in Second Opinion®?

No, the printout button in Second Opinion® generates and downloads a PDF copy of the radiographs to your computer. You can use a PDF editing program to add text to the printouts, or print them out and write on them.

How does Second Opinion® handle overlap in radiographs?

Similar to the human eye, open contacts will always be the most accurate within Second Opinion®. The software will still look for interproximal caries when there is more overlap present but the accuracy may be affected.

Does Second Opinion® detect caries on the occlusal surface?

The Second Opinion® software may occasionally detect caries on the occlusal surface. Similar to the human eye, the detection will depend on the size of the radiolucency.

Does Second Opinion® detect the attrition of the tooth surface due to bruxism?

No, Second Opinion® does not currently support detections for attrition or bruxism, but occasionally the software will detect and label occlusal wear as caries.

Does Second Opinion® detect resorption?

No, Second Opinion® does not currently support detections for resorption, but occasionally the software will detect and label these as caries.

Does Second Opinion® detect cracks?

No, Second Opinion® does not currently support detections for cracks or fractures.

Why do my bone level measurements look different from previous radiographs in Second Opinion®?

The bone level measurements in Second Opinion® are dependent on certain conditions under which the image was taken. Things like angulation of the radiograph, tubehead placement, and sensor placement can affect these measurements.

Can I manually edit bone heights in Second Opinion®?

Bone heights cannot be manually edited in the Second Opinion® software. Certain bone height settings can be customized in settings.

Can I hide patient data in Second Opinion®?

The PHI toggle in the top-right hand corner of the Second Opinion® software allows you to hide protected health information on the screen.

Can we adjust the appearance of our images in Second Opinion®?

Second Opinion® offers multiple tools to adjust your images. Learn more about using the toolbar here.

What do I do if my images stop syncing in Second Opinion®?

If you notice your images are no longer syncing in Second Opinion® please notify our support team immediately by submitting a support ticket here.

How do I search for historic images in Second Opinion®?

The search bar at the top of the Second Opinion® home page can be used to search for images by specific date ranges. Learn more about searching for patient charts here.

How far back does Second Opinion® sync historical images?

Our Second Opinion® platform includes up to 12 months of historical images in your current imaging software*.

*if you have changed imaging softwares in the last 12 months Second Opinion® will only sync as far back as when you began taking images in your current software.

How do I upload my images into Second Opinion®?

Once the Second Opinion® agent is installed and configured all compatible images taken in your imaging software will automatically upload into Second Opinion®.

How long does it take for my images to appear in Second Opinion®?

90% of images taken load into the Second Opinion® software in under two minutes*.

*load time may vary based on office bandwidth

How long does it take to implement Second Opinion® into the practice?

The average office takes 10-14 days to install and train on the Second Opinion® software.

Can Second Opinion® be used to evaluate baby teeth?

No. Second Opinion® is cleared to assist with radiographic evaluations of permanent teeth only in patients 12 years and older.

Does Second Opinion® make diagnoses?

No. Second Opinion® is an assistive radiologic tool. It is not intended for use as a diagnostic device. All diagnostic decisions must be made by an appropriately trained and licensed dental healthcare professional.

Does Second Opinion® do auto-charting?

No, Second Opinion® does not currently do auto-charting.

How does Second Opinion® keep my patient data safe?

Second Opinion® conforms with all patient information and data privacy regulatory requirements in territories where Second Opinion® is supported.

What does Second Opinion® detect?

Second Opinion® detects and displays the following:

Pathologies and other conditions

  • Bone Levels
  • Calculus
  • Caries
  • Impaction
  • Margin Discrepancy
  • Periapical Radiolucency
  • Widened Periodontal Ligament

Existing restorations

  • Bridge
  • Crown (Metal, including zirconia) 
  • Crown (Non-metal)
  • Filling (Metal)
  • Filling (Non-metal)
  • Implant
  • Root Canal

Will Second Opinion® show me results within my existing imaging system?

Second Opinion® is a standalone application that displays AI detections on your radiographs, and we currently have native integration into several imaging systems. We are busily working on integrating Second Opinion® into a multitude of imaging software platforms.

Is Second Opinion® currently available where I live?

Please see our list of currently supported territories to find out whether Second Opinion is available where you practice.

Are Second Opinion's® detections always accurate?

No. Research has shown that dentists often disagree with one another regarding diagnoses. Second Opinion’s® machine learning models were trained using diagnostic data provided by human dentists and radiologists. As such, Second Opinion® will sometimes make detections that you don’t agree with. While Second Opinion® can provide great value by highlighting areas of interest that you may have missed, you should disregard any detections that you do not feel are accurate. The software is intended to support you, but all final diagnostic decisions are yours and yours alone.

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